About Mechelle Tucker

  • The business world is a fantastic world with several fantastic personalities.
    However, among the crowd, there is always a unique person, easily recognized for
    his/her contributions and impact. Mechelle Tucker is a great personality with
    several admirable characters that puts her above her fellow women and even men
    in her field of operations. She is a consultant with a difference. She belongs to the
    class of leaders with successful results. She goes beyond a consultant; she is also
    an outstanding public notary, connector, brand architect, networker, digital curator,
    and marketing strategist. Being in the field for so long, she has been offering
    fabulous services, which includes counseling to business firms and personnel of
    various kinds regardless of their nationality or religion. She does not discriminate.
    Business moguls, celebrities, consultant, public notary, connector, brand architect,
    philanthropists, professional athletes, artists, and authors. She has worked with
    them all and she is still rendering quality services to them to date. She is the CEO
    of her own 1st class consulting, LLC firm. Recognizing the changes and revolution
    in the way of getting things done in the world where globalization and
    digitalization happen to be taking over the everyday business, she has gone through
    every necessary upgrade in knowledge to help her remain relevant in her field. This
    has made her a perfect solution for firms and organizations undergoing troubles
    conforming to the new 21st-century business world where globalization and
    digitalization rule the day. Her firm provides useful services that help companies
    and various business firms achieve their desired goals by helping them overcome
    their weaknesses through quality professional consultancy, marketing/management
    services. With diverse skills to function in several aspects of life and an unending
    desire to touch people’s life positively, she has hosted, organized, and manage
    several events involving the gathering of celebrities and reputable personalities.
    Seminars, networking mixers and red carpet events during significant events such
    as NBA All-Star, WNBA All-Star, BET Awards Weekend, Mayweather Weekend,
    T.I Live in Phoenix, South West Urban Music Awards, The All-Star Comedy
    Explosion, The Curated Pop-Up, The Network, Mix & Mingle, and The Elite
    Mixer to mention a few. Her quality services, dedication, impactful and unending
    successful character brought her a nomination for “The stars of tomorrow people
    plus Award” mentioned in a top-selling book “Genius Potential.” Unique in her
    own way, fantastic in services, she remains a submissive wife and a wonderful
    mother. Dedicated, hardworking, creative, and successful. She is a woman with a
    difference. She is worthy of emulation.

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