About Ci Ci Berardi

Cici Berardi
is an inspiring leader with characters portraying the true nature of a
leader. Right from her childhood days, she has always aspire to become a great
 successful woman even when the world presents little opportunity.
Realizing the journey to success requires more than thoughts and imaginations, she
sought for knowledge through education. She acquired a fifth grade education. She
never had an experience as a leader but she has focus and determination. With
dedication to becoming a great woman, she increased significantly in her leadership
experience through learning and practice of leadership. She became the president
of You Go Boy Marketing Company. Her hardworking character and success driven
orientation has helped her to raise the company to a better standard until date.
Understanding the laws of finance, she knows the right strategy to make businesses succeed. With knowledge and ability to function in several aspects of life, she founded Fess Up Reality Show and prettyinpinkaffair.com.
She is also the director of Can You Model Pageant. Realizing success is not complete until you reach out to the world; she focused on not only achieving her financial goal and living her desired lifestyle. She is passionate towards helping young entrepreneurs succeed in the business world.
She does not only reach out to young entrepreneurs but also
women. With over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, she carries a unique vision that puts women into consideration. She aims at improving healthy business relationship of diverse kind of occupation. She demonstrates the character the world is deficient of, in becoming a better place.
She is helping people including women to becoming professionals and self-dependent. She encourages them to do the same (help others reach their professional level) so the world can be a better
place. She is still active in acquiring knowledge. Check out her story in Shattering Barriers By: Dolores Seright!

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