Dolores Seright Story

Dolores Seright is a professional international speaker and author. Always a top performer, she
spent more than 20 years in the corporate world advancing to business director in the
pharmaceutical industry. For her, it’s been an exciting journey discovering her personal dreams
and turning them into reality! “Believe in YOUR dreams! You can achieve them!” These are the
words Dolores lives by and wants others to follow.
Her passion is teaching women the skills to move beyond the obstacles holding them back from
achieving their personal and business success. Shattering Barriers: Amazing Womens Journeys
to Personal Empowerment, is her first book, and she recently published the workbook, Its Your
Life: Design It! Live It! Love It! as a guide to living an empowered life.
Dolores faced a devastating Stage III breast cancer diagnosis in 2005, and made a decision to
work full time while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She and her region
were committed to success, and that year they achieved the #1 ranking in her division under her
leadership. After eight years cancer free, Dolores learned in 2013 that she had a recurrence and
was Stage IV, again facing radiation and chemotherapy. She is a survivor and continues to live
the life of her dreams.
Dolores says, “ALWAYS have a dream!” Today Dolores is writing a book about long term
cancer survivors living amazing lives. Her dream for this book is to provide inspiration and hope
to those diagnosed with cancer. “Don’t look for statistics on the internet about survival rates . . .
read the stories of those who ignored those statistics and began a personal journey to write their
own future differently.”